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Theatre has lasted for more than 2,500 years for a reason. In the safe space of theater, we, whether as a group or as an individual, are enlightened, enthralled, angered, horrified, and surprised at what we are experiencing. It is not the job of artists to make us comfortable. Artists are transgressive and their job as storytellers is to speak the words truthfully.


Theatre reflects society and, even in older works, the messages we find within can seem just as relevant and current as to what is happening today. At its best, theater is reactive. We can experience human fragilities and follies, prejudices, joys, and desires all the while enveloped in the welcoming expanse that constitutes a theater.

Madeline Austin, director/producer/educator 

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 WHAT IF …? Reading & Discussion Series of Iconic Plays

final read of 2023 on Dec. 5



by Madeleine George

Readings are virtual.

Readings are free, participatory, and open to all

We share the script at the time of the reading.

Email for details, dates, times, zoom, etc  @

NOW [New & Original Works] 

Exploring and producing new works. NOW Associated Artists 2023 :

Carey Campbell, Cayenne Douglass, Marianne Ferrari, Catherine Monnet, Chad Restum, Christopher D. White

WDS  [Women Directing Shakespeare] 

Bold and insightful interpretations of Shakespeare.



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