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Steel Magnolias - What If STEEL MAGNOLIAs

Production, Development, Training

NOW [New & Original Works] Exploring and producing new works.

NOW Associated Artists 2023 :

Carey Campbell, Marie Chambers, Cayenne Douglass, Marianne Ferrari, Jeff Goldberg, Joe Keyes, Catherine Monnet, Chad Restum, Christopher White

JYOEN  2022 LMCC Grant Recipient

Congratulations to Lee Douglass, Creative Women's Creative Partner unShout the Noise Theatre  and  Associate Creative Partner Balam Dance Theatre

WDS  [Women Directing Shakespeare] Bold and insightful interpretations of Shakespeare.


WDS developing: 

Antony and Cleopatra    aka A&C

Adapted and directed by Tricia Mancuso Parks

King Lear                     aka The Lear Sisters

Adapted and directed by Lee Douglass

Richard III                    aka Dick iii

Adapted and directed by Lee Douglass

Shakespeare . Original art by Emmanuel Vorgias
Shakes2020 Global Virtual Reading Series

 WHAT IF …? Reading & Discussion Series of Iconic Plays. Exploring and Breaking Boundaries.

Readings are free, participatory, and open to all.

Most readings are virtual. We cast, provide and share the script, at the time of the reading.

Email for details, dates, times, zoom, etc  @

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