in development 

JYO EN rehearsal NYC

Women Directing Shakespeare [WDS]

WDS develops bold, insightful and new interpretations of Shakespeare 

(straight, operetta, dance, and musical styles) for future productions.

Partners Creative Women & unShout the Noise Theatre

Currently on the WDS table:


Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

adapted & directed by Lee Douglass ​

DICK 3 or On the King's Road

Shakespeare's Richard III

adapted & directed by Lee Douglass​​


Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra

adapted & directed by Tricia Mancuso Parks



co-production with Tribeca Lab

NY PAUSE   Performance Lab


Creative Women, Lee Douglass and Tricia Mancuso Parks, are producing the SHAKES2020 read experiences almost weekly.  Join us! Read the texts out loud together. Read the words. Love the words!

Performance Lab provides an environment where we explore and experience texts, concepts, and ideas together.

The lab lays the groundwork for workshops, creates community, and the muscle for performance and production.


Studio, Stage & Screen

The source for a story can come from an infinite number of sources and can take many forms. At CW, our focus is on the performing arts, whether performed live, captured on celluloid, or devised.

In Studio, Stage and Screen, we explore and present stories that have manifested in any of those disciplines, keeping in mind that art is fluid and can change shape at any time.

On Stage & Screen 


conceived, written and directed by Lee Douglass

& Toshinori Hamada
choreography by Lee Douglass and Toshinori Hamada 

music composed by Kento Watanabe 

Jyo En had a successful run at Japonisme Festival of Japanese Cultural Arts at the The Secret Theatre November 2019.