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Mission & History

creative women new york


Creative Women New York is a non-profit theatre arts and producing organization, powered by women, and inclusive of all.

Creative Women is dedicated to creative development, training, and production.


What we do:  

  • present theatre, dance, film, art and entertainment that challenge and illuminate the human condition

  • provide educational programming and professional training

  • empower work through co-production and fiscal sponsorship​

  • explore new and original works and re-envision classics 

  • nurture and celebrate diversity through the voices of artists around the world

  • recognize, embrace and activate inclusion: EDI | IDEA

  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA)

  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

History brief 

Creative Women New York (CW) was originally founded in 1996 as a networking group for women in the arts and entertainment business.  A decade later, Tricia Mancuso Parks and Lee Douglass reorganized CWNY into a non-profit org. and production company that co-partners with other creatives to champion bold and new interpretations of Shakespeare and develop original, multicultural, work.


Madeline Austin joined CW early 2017 to expand the organization’s educational programming and producing arts center.


Clare Cioffero joined the CW core team in late 2021 to help organize, energize and empower.

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